The Louis Tellier Group is undoubtedly the specialist in culinary preparation and the production of bakeware and baking utensils.

Through a wide range of productive equipment manufactured in France, we are committed to offering you innovative and creative products adapted to the needs of professional kitchens, including institutional catering services, traditional restaurants and trades within the food industry.

is essentially 2 major French brands.

Louis tellier / Gobel

Recognised in the world of professional cooking, they are rich in know-how and have been accompanying you for decades.

1887 1887

Gobel, the brand for demanding professionals and enthusiasts, was founded in 1887, two years before the construction of the Eiffel Tower, at 43/45 rue Faubourg du Temple, Paris.

The company quickly became one of the leading French manufacturers of pastry utensils and conquered foreign markets from the beginning of the 20th century. Soon cramped in his Parisian workshop, Etienne GOBEL set up his production workshop in Touraine, today an EPV labelled workshop, in Joué-lès-Tours, where the tradition continues to this day.

The story of the Louis Tellier brand began in 1947.

At that time, France was in the throes of reconstruction. People found vegetables on their plates once again, especially the potato. Established as one of the pearls of French gastronomy in the nineteenth century, its return had been awaited by restaurateurs. One of them asked a mechanic friend to design a device to make it easy to prepare puree. LOUIS TELLIER took up the challenge and invented the world’s first professional food mill – a kitchen revolution! A genius inventor, the former seafarer and veteran of the First World War would go on to make many achievements in his factory in the suburbs of Paris.

Awarded with the EPV label (Living Heritage Company), the workshop still stands for the vanguard of innovation to this day.


Over time, the brand has continued to develop to give its name to the Louis Tellier Group after Gobel, French manufacturer of bakeware and utensils joined the adventure in 2011!


The group continues to play a part in the great history of French cuisine through its innovations and two iconic brands: LOUIS TELLIER for food preparation and sharing equipment, GOBEL for baking utensils and bakeware.

Present in more than ninety countries, these brands go hand-in-hand, as they always have, with the pleasure of handmade.


Since 1887, the Group has produced and
selected the best utensils to allow you
to accomplish the irreplaceable handmade effect.


Louis Tellier offers more than 300 innovative solutions for cutting all forms of fruit and vegetables, some of which have become iconic tools: food mills, French-fries cutter, tomato cutter, mandolines, vegetable slicers, etc.

We also offer a wide range of professional, effective manual and electric can openers and a complete range of reliable and precise measuring equipment to improve productivity on a daily basis.

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LOUIS TELLIER also offers a range of professional quality appliances for sharing food for indoor or outdoor use, depending on the equipment or speciality.

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A high-quality, functional and professional tabletop charcoal barbecue.




LOUIS TELLIER designs and distributes a complete range of raclette appliances in the pure alpine tradition.

3 types of appliances depending on the size of the cheese chosen (¼ wheel, ½ wheel or thin slices): Brezière® (¼ wheel)or Alpage® (½ wheel) and 4-pan raclette appliance (sliced cheese).



Our Gobel products cover all the needs of bakery and pastry professionals. Our pastry, cake and bread tins available in tinplate, non-stick and Obsidian are all manufactured in our production workshop located in Joué-lès-Tours.

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This 100% recyclable and healthy material offers exceptional heat conductivity!

Guaranteeing an unequalled taste result, our tinplate tins are renowned for their ability to give your preparations a crispy result, golden on the outside and soft inside.



Our professional quality tins have a two-layer coating, which is much more efficient than a single-layer for the perfect release of your creations.

Guaranteed PFOA-free, durable, robust and resistant to abrasion, they are 0.5 mm thick (compared to 0.3 mm for most pastry tins).


stainless steel

We offer a wide range of stainless steel tins and utensils made in France : tart rings, heavy cake frames, baking sheets, cutters, icing nozzles, etc.

The star material in professional kitchens, it is thick, solid, indestructible and easy to maintain!


obsidian non-stick

Made of high quality steel and reinforced with ceramic, OBSIDIAN non-stick tins are 20% thicker and 20% more non-stick*.

Compared to our conventional non-stick steel pastry sheets.